What Makes a Video Successful? - Kathleen Celmins
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What Makes a Video Successful?

A lot of times, when you’re offering video marketing to your clients, they’re going to have a lot of hesitations. They are probably wondering what makes a video successful? 

It can feel daunting to start making videos because you can get blank page syndrome, but worse. It’s challenging to think about what you’re going to say, who you might say it to, and how you even come up with something. 

On top of that, how do you know if it worked? The metrics that you might be used to measuring aren’t the things that matter.

So, how do you make sure your client’s video will be successful?

The answer is pretty simple and includes three essential parts. If you have all three, your video will be successful, but even missing just one can make it much less effective.

The Three Keys to Making a Video Successful

1 – Story

The most important part of a video is the story.

When starting out, your client might not think they have any ideas. But, when you teach them using our methods, you’ll find that they’re actually concerned that they aren’t very interesting. And the truth is, they are right. They are not the most interesting part of their business. Nobody cares about their new hires, the employee of the week, or how they came up with the idea for their business. 

Instead, the story they tell should be about their clients. As soon as you open their mind to this approach, they will start to see content ideas everywhere. For example, inspiration could strike on a client call, in a coffee shop, while checking their email, or when they overhear something about their industry. Have them jot down their ideas in a little notebook, and then when you speak with them, ask them what happened to them in the last week that they could tie in. You’ll find they quickly think of things they could share.

Stories are the thing we connect with the most, and telling a story will help your client speak more comfortably and naturally. In addition, stories about the transformation that happens when someone goes through their program or buys their solution will keep people engaged and show potential clients the benefit of working with your client.

2 – Main Points

The main points are the next component. You may have a handful of main points, depending on your business and what you’re going to ask people to do next. Re-using main points is not a problem because you’ll have all these stories that give your audience variety. 

Tie the story into the main point to create a cohesive video that reminds your audience that you are the expert in this area and are ready to help them transform their life or business with your solution. Then, give them just enough information that they are excited to engage with you in the next part of a successful video, the call to action.

3 – Call To Action

The call to action is so important. This is what you want the viewer or reader to do. There are typically two calls to action: book a call or download a thing. 

Make sure you have it mapped out, so your client knows where they are going and when to bring the video to this endpoint.

When you are re-purposing your video, you may need to tweak the call to action. For example, if you ask someone to hit the button down below on a video, that won’t work across social media or in written form. Always adjust for your medium. Make it clear what you want your viewer to engage with and make it easy for them to do it.

If your client can nail those three parts, they will have a successful video ten times out of ten.

We Can Help!

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