When to Outsource Pieces of Your Content Marketing — And What You Should NEVER Outsource - Kathleen Celmins
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When to Outsource Pieces of Your Content Marketing — And What You Should NEVER Outsource

If creating content has become overwhelming, you may wonder about outsourcing that process but are unsure where to start. It can be scary to let go of some control over your messaging and content, but creating it can also be time-consuming and take you away from other important aspects of your business.

You can effectively outsource many pieces of your content marketing, particularly those big pieces of content designed to improve your SEO, such as pillar posts. Those authority-building pieces that are intended to get a bunch of backlinks are a great place to start. 

That content is important but is designed with a different strategy in mind than your day-to-day content that educates your audience and is full of the information that only you can provide.

What You Should Never Outsource

When it comes to content you should never outsource the top of the list is your thought leadership pieces. 

Those pieces are filled with your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and key phrases that you always say. Those are the kind of things that should not be written by someone who doesn’t know you. 

Outsourcing this type of content will never convey the level of authority it would if you wrote it. 

However, it can be overwhelming to write all that stuff yourself. You’re busy running your business and doing the things that you’re best at. So, the best way to shortcut this, I believe, is to use video.

How To Use Video To Capture Your Authority

By recording yourself, all you have to do is be on camera for five to ten minutes, and a writer will be able to get about a 1,000-word blog post out of that. 

The most significant benefit is that now the writer will know how you speak. They’ll be able to understand if you want to convey a formal or informal tone, and they’ll know your tics and turns of phrase. Because of this, the writing will sound more like you.

Our Process

At Amplified NOW, we have our whole process outlined for you to follow.

For our clients, we set them up with everything they need to record a quality video. Then, we meet over a video call, and I walk them through the video in an interview style.

After the video is recorded, our editor cleans it up, cuts me out of it, and creates a high-quality video that conveys your expertise. Then, that video can be cut up into micro-content for use on social media.

From the transcript of that video, our writer creates a blog post that outlines all your main points while staying in line with your style and tone. We can also create an email for your list and social media quotes that you can use with your video or turn into graphics from that written post.

From your one video, we can generate at least 27 pieces of content that you can use for months to come.

If you are a content marketing agency owner looking to add something to what you offer your clients, video is the perfect thing to add! Not only does it provide more value for your client, but it actually makes your job easier when it’s time to create content.

Make Outsourcing Easier With Video

So, while it’s important to look for things you can outsource, don’t outsource your thought leadership content.

Instead, shortcut the process and make your content easier to create and more authoritative by using video. Getting your face in front of your potential clients highlights your expertise and builds confidence. 

We Can Help!

If you want to talk about how to set this up for you or your clients, contact us here or head to Doing Marketing Differently to get our free 10-minute training on how to follow this process and use video to help you and your clients.

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