Amanda Holden writes about financial education for young women. She’s sarcastic, crude, hilarious and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to money.

I took a look at her blog to help her find some places to improve and this is what I had to say.

Don’t want to watch? Cool, I’ll walk you through it…

The Dumpster Dog Blog Home Page

First, this is Amanda’s home page. It’s a bit dated and could use some focus. Now that she’s a speaker and course creator, it’s time to create a homepage that helps people figure out exactly what she’s about.

A blog roll is fine when you’re new and don’t know what to promote yet, but Amanda is ready to create a homepage that will help her sell.

Dumpster Dog Blog Home Page

Amanda’s Speaking Page

Next, I checked out the page Amanda uses to get speaking gigs. This page is much more focused than the home page. I only have two major suggestions on this page.

It could be longer with more information about what she talks about and ditch the sidebar. It will make for a cleaner look with fewer distractions from hiring her.

Amanda Holden Speaker

Invested Development Course

Finally, I went to her course sales page. (Full disclosure, I helped her with this page.) I think this page looks great. It’s well laid out and focused on only one thing.

Something Amanda should think about adding is a clear way to opt-in to her mailing list. A download, worksheet or even just an invite to join will help her to grow her list. Just looking around on these three pages I didn’t see anything that showed me how to join her list.

I think Amanda should consider a pop-up CTA that invites people to join her. She has the type of brand that people want to be a part of and if she makes it easy to join, she’ll see serious results.

What Amanda should change

The top things Amanda should do to improve Dumpster Dog Blog are:

  1. Make her home page look like a business page
  2. Remove her sidebar on her Speaker page
  3. Add a way for people to easily opt-in to her newsletter
  4. Make her course more front and center

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