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Where is Amanda Leaving Money on the Table?

Where is Amanda from My Life, I Guess leaving money on the table?

I’m excited to help Amanda from My Life, I Guess find ways to make more money from her blog. She’s been blogging a long time and I can see that there are many ways that she could improve conversions on her blog.

Let’s dive in!


The first thing I notice when I land on her site is that she doesn’t have a homepage, it’s only a blog roll. A great way to increase subscribers is to have a homepage with an offer for readers.

I recently did a new homepage for I Like to Dabble that is a good example of what Amanda could do for her site.  There is a clear call to action above the fold, then a section with social proof, then her three categories are linked and an introduction to her. This makes the homepage a valuable resource for any reader landing there.

Amanda is missing out on letting readers know what she is all about by not having a homepage.

Display Ads and Affiliates

The ways that bloggers can make money include display ads, affiliate relationships, and your own digital products. Looking at Amanda’s site, I don’t see any display ads. This is something she could consider as a way to make passive income.

Scrolling down the sidebar I see that she is including some affiliate links including Amazon. Unfortunately, the button that says Recommendations doesn’t link to the recommendations page. I would add a link to that page in the sidebar.


I hung around on Amanda’s site for a long time and never saw a pop-up. An exit intent pop-up is one of the best ways to gain subscribers and would be an excellent addition to her site.

In the sidebar is an email subscription form but it looks like it’s for the RSS feed. I doubt she is getting very many subscribers from that.

Amanda could use one of her most popular posts to create a freebie to entice subscribers. If she figures out something that her readers really want and gives it away in exchange for their email address she will get many more subscribers.

For example, her post What Should I Do To Build My Online Business she could create a kit to offer as an upgrade. Put together some checklists and worksheets then offer it as the Online Business Builder Kit.

Digital Products or Services

Amanda should start thinking about a digital product. One of the easiest ways for bloggers to make money is by offering a digital product. Make it easy for your readers to give you money and put your products or services in an easy to find place.

Amanda has a Writing Portfolio page but it doesn’t offer her services to readers. She should build a Hire Me Page, if she wants to work as a Freelancer.

So how is Amanda leaving money on the table?

Amanda could make a few changes and greatly increase her conversions.

  • Build a homepage
  • Create an opt-in (and feature it on the new homepage)
  • Add a Hire Me Page
  • Think about creating a digital product

Once she has completed these few projects she should have an easier time building a list and making more money. I hope this helped, Amanda!

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