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Where is Laura MacPherson from Ideally Marketing Leaving Money on the table?

This post is different because Laura is at capacity in her service-based industry and wants to scale her income. Here are my thoughts about how she can do that:

Laura is a brand and content strategist who works with tech startup companies. She has had success in her current business model but she is now fully booked and she can’t increase her profitability without pivoting.

So how does a service-based business like Ideally Marketing create something that will scale their revenue?

Let’s find some ways that Laura can productize her offerings.


Laura could set up a service based webinar where she walks people through how to create a content or editorial calendar or how to create a brand persona. But she would need a product to sell at the end of the webinar.

So let’s take a look at her current offerings:

Ideally Marketing

First, I checked out The Message Distillery but it is way too hands on to become a product. Laura is an integral part of this service and it would be hard to turn it into a DIY product.

One of the things that she wrote in her form was that she is already on the high-end of her industry and gets some push back about her pricing so one opportunity for productization is a pack of templates companies can use and adjust themselves. Or a go-at-your-own pace course teaching companies how to create their own branding and content strategy.


Laura already has a “landing page checklist for more and better leads.”

What if Laura created a landing page template that showed how to check all the boxes on the checklist?

Ideally Marketing

Or she could create products around the three elements she lists as essential to your content:

  1. Connection to a personal pain or gain
  2. A reason to act now
  3. A clear call-to-action that guides prospects to the next stage of the funnel

Each of these points could have a product showing a company how to do them by themselves.

I don’t’ think a course is right for your audience since they are not individual business owners but companies. She could pivot to start teaching people how to do what she’s doing. But because she doesn’t have an audience interested in that already, it would be a lot of work to get that going.

Laura might be able to do some quick e-courses on topics such as:

  1. How to Get Better Results for Your Marketing Campaigns Through Copy Alone
  2. How to Give Your Marketing Team a Fresh Perspective
  3. How to Work With Your Brand Messaging so it More Fully Resonates With Your Target Audience

An alternative to creating a product could be to add to her existing services a workshop where she would go to a company for one day to help them get started but they create the content and implement it all. This could help free up some of Laura’s time but the company would still get a high-quality product.

Ideally Marketing

Where Laura Could Make More Money

Laura could create some online products that would serve her current clients. She could offer short courses or templates that would allow them to DIY some of their branding and marketing.

Or she could focus on creating a one-day in-depth workshop that would teach companies how to create content that converts by themselves which would free up some of her time.

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