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Why you should consider doing some of your own marketing

Why is it important to do your own marketing?

Yesterday someone asked me why it was important to do your own marketing. One reason is it’s cheaper to do it yourself. You can get some advice from respected experts. I coach people one hour at a time which is really fun because often your marketing goes to the wayside when you’re also balancing client work or freelancing or brand ambassadorship or blogging. Often we put our own business marketing to the back burner so building in accountability really helps. Another reason to do some of your own marketing is that it’s never-ending.

The big reason, the big main reason to do your own marketing is because no one sounds like you.

There are things you might conceivably outsource. You could definitely outsource some of your e-mail writing. You could outsource your webinar creation. I’ve done those before. But the thing that I won’t do – I will not record my voice going through somebody else’s webinar. What a webinar does is it establishes authority and trust with your audience and if it’s not your voice, it can’t do that. There’s no way I can do that as a consultant, or even as a coach.

If you hate marketing, there’s a reason for it. It takes a different part of your brain than content creation. But, you can’t just create into a void.
If you build it, they aren’t necessarily going to come, unless you’re a Kardashian and you already have a giant platform. Otherwise, you need to learn the basics of marketing.

That is why I have a new idea for coaching packages in 45-minute sessions.

If you want a strategy session we can do a big strategy session. We can review your funnel, we can see what’s missing, we can talk through what you want to talk through in 45 minutes. You can book one. You can book 3, you can book 6, and you can book 12. There are, of course, package discounts for pre-paying for multiple sessions of coaching.

I’m really excited about this new format. I’ve been coaching for a long time but this format is more approachable. If you only want one session that’s great! I would love to help you by answering a couple of questions or you can pick my brain and see how things are going on the path that you charted.

It’s often a really good idea to get an outsider’s point of view, someone who sees everything from a marketing angle, before you put in 40, 80, 120 hours going in the wrong direction. That’s me, by the way, I do that.

If you don’t like marketing, it’s because you have some sort of bad experience with it. You don’t want to seem sales-y. Maybe you have downloaded somebody else’s blueprint and they said that the only way you can ever make any money is to do it a particular way. You’re headed down a path that doesn’t seem right to you. I can help you course-correct before you get too far down the line.

So I think that you should always consider doing your own marketing, at least some of it – but if you want some help, some guidance getting started, head over to my coaching page. I would love to talk with you. You can head over to my contact page and fill it out if you want to talk for 15 minutes before you commit to any coaching. I’m really excited, I hope you are too. I’d love to work with you.

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