Why your content isn't converting - Kathleen Celmins
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Why your content isn’t converting

Hey. I see you.

You’re TRYING to show up with consistency.

You’re TRYING to post content that will resonate, bring people to your door, wallets open, saying, “TAKE MY MONEY!”

You’re also chasing trends. Trying to dance on TikTok and feeling every day of your age.

You spend an hour on something you know is good.

Then you post it.

And you wait.

And nothing happens.

No likes.

No comments.

No money thrown at you.

So you second guess yourself.

“Was what I posted too much something or not enough something else?”

“Was it valuable? Was it relevant? Was it helpful?”

Or, you say, “THIS PLATFORM doesn’t work for me/my industry/my niche.” And you sigh, and go down the rabbit hole of courses about whichever platform you think would resonate better.

Before you pivot to another platform, let me stop you right there.

What if I told you that you’re asking all the wrong questions?

And that cycling through platform-specific strategies is holding you back from signing more clients and getting to the income you know you deserve?

Don’t get me wrong. Posting valuable content across platforms IS important.

But it’s not what’s going to get you sales and turn those lurking followers (the ones who see everything you post, but have never once hit the ❤️ button) into clients.

If you want to wake up to inbound requests (and hey, who doesn’t?) from ideal clients who are asking you about your offer, ask yourself the following questions before posting your next post:

⚡️Does this piece of content communicate the value of my offer?

⚡️Does it position my offer as THE go-to solution to my ideal client’s problem?

⚡️Does it make it clear how my service is different from my competitors?

Now, of course, not EVERY piece of content is going to pass through all those filters.

But if you’re looking to make sales, you need to be able to say yes to at least one of those questions, if not all three.

You know your value.

You wouldn’t be here, working so hard, if you didn’t think your offer was valid.

It’s time (WAY PAST TIME) to speak up with confidence and get that message across to your audience.

But maybe you need to find a new revenue stream? One that will bring new energy into your business?

If that’s the case, take the quiz!

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