WP Sales Funnels in 10 Days - Kathleen Celmins
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Build a sales funnel in WordPress (no expensive monthly recurring software necessary!)

Kathleen Celmins coaching

Skip the expensive software (that rhymes with "slick tunnels") and build a sales funnel with the platform you know and love: WordPress.

Join this ten-day guided course (with plenty of one-on-one interaction!) to get your sales funnel working.

$1499 value. Just 499.

No thanks.

Let's talk about sales funnels for a minute.

A sales funnel is:

  • A registration page that contains a form where people can access something they want
  • A thank-you page that contains the thing they wanted, plus an idea of how they can pay you money
  • A series of emails connecting the thing they wanted to some way to pay you money
  • A sales page that goes deeper in depth on the ways in which they can work with you, with optional upsells (ahem, like the one you're looking at now!)

Seriously. That’s it.

And like I wrote above, if you’re already paying for an email provider and you’re already on WordPress, you too can have a sales funnel.

If your website doesn't have a sales funnel, your marketing engine isn't turned on.

And you don't want to wait any longer before getting a marketing engine in place.

So don't wait.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Brainstorm your next lead-generating opt-in (or make tweaks to one you already have)
  • Give you a template for a registration page
  • Give you a template for a thank-you page
  • Give you email follow-up templates
  • Give you a template for a sales page

And it’ll cost $499.

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