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You made it! Let's recap:

  • There's no such thing as accidentally making a fortune online anymore. Those days are gone.
  • The good news is, we are at the very beginning of making money online. The dawn of the new civilization. And since you're already here, you're ahead.
  • But if you aren't building a business around your expertise, you could be just one algorithm away from your whole business imploding.
  • You need to brainstorm what makes up your intellectual property. If we could pull your ideas out of your head with a wand, what would they look like?
  • After that, it's a matter of positioning. Getting booked to speak will earn you more money than writing a blog post. You're an expert. It's time to start getting paid like one.
  • You can't build something and expect people to buy it. You have to create a marketing engine.
Anne Keery

Anne Keery, Unique Gifter

"My email subscribers JUMPED after working with Kathleen."

Anne Keery Unique Gifter email subscribers

"I knew I needed to add another lead-generating opt-in to my site, but I just never prioritized it. Right before my busy season, Kathleen helped me identify, write, and deploy an opt-in, which led to a massive jump in subscribers!"

Tying it all together

comes together tied with a bow

Chances are, your strongest leg of the stool (yep, still using that) is expertise. You're probably not half bad at positioning, either.

But I'm betting that you're a bit murky about how to build a marketing engine.

And even though I just said that your marketing engine only needs five components, you're having a difficult time believing me.

I don't blame you.

There are plenty of people who make their livings by making the world of online business dark and mysterious and positioning their $1000 course as the one true beacon of light.

"It's all very complicated but if you buy my course, you will start making hundreds of thousands of dollars, in your sleep."

Whoa, tempting.

But of course, you know, the best way to make money, especially on the internet is to teach people how to make money on the internet.

Add a picture like this:

living that work by the pool life

And claim that if you spend your money with them, you too can deal with the glare of working by the pool.

The thing is, those high-end courses do work for some people, some of the time.

But the problems I've seen with them is that they are:

  1. Too general, too vague, too basic
  2. Too focused on a tactic that worked great a while ago, but doesn't work so well today
  3. Or they say "this worked for me and it can work for you too" instead of focusing on foundational changes. Doing something someone else's way very rarely results in you seeing the same results someone else sees.

"I'm absolutely blown away"

"I am absolutely blown away by all the pieces and step-by-step guidance here. You hear all the time all of the things you need in order to launch a product, but sometimes it's overwhelming to figure out where all the pieces go and what should be done first.

But then I found Kathleen's vault. She walks you through the entire process from gathering testimonials, to creating your landing page and getting your Facebook ads started. This is so valuable!"

Candice Latham, The Latham Agency

So what's the answer?

Well, glad you asked.

Buy my course about how to make money on the internet, of course.

Oh, wait. I don't have one of those. But what I do have is something I'm calling (for lack of a better description) the vault.

Welcome to The Vault

welcome to the vault

Every template, every swipe file, every set of notes, every resource I've put together in over a decade of online business.

I'm a systems person. These are my systems.

If online businesses are like houses, then there are foundational pieces and differentiation pieces.

Using the 80/20 approach, what the items in the vault do is cut your commitment to the 80% by so much that you'll be able to spend even more time and energy on your differentiation.

Hit the "continue" button to add yourself to the vault interest list, and I'll explain more in your first email.

tara falcone

"I created an opt-in that converts in less than two weeks"

"The digital marketing templates in the vault are a lifesaver. Instead of spinning my wheels and wasting valuable time starting from scratch, I was able to rely on Kathleen's proven guides as a framework from which to model my content. The website and webinar templates, in particular, helped me create an opt-in that converts in less than two weeks. The vault is worth every penny (and then some)."

Tara Falcone, ReisUP LLC

Let's say you've built your thing. You know your expertise, you've figured out your positioning, and you want to do your own marketing but you don't know where to start.

Then you're exactly who I want to help!

The vault includes all the templates I use internally to scale my own client-facing business.

Plus, I add one thing to it every work day, which means it's an evolving place.

And it's so organized, oh my gosh.

If you click the "continue" button, you'll get added to my email list, and we'll continue our relationship that way. Plus, you'll get founder pricing on the vault. Yes, the vault is available for purchase on the website, and you're welcome to buy it using this link.

But you've come this far, so I'd love to send you a "thanks for reading" prize via email.

So instead, hit the cute button below:

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.43.29 PM

"I didn't think we'd get to six figures in less than a year, but we did."

"In fact, we went from about $25,000 in course sales in 2018 to over $100,000 in 2019 by implementing the steps Kathleen told us to take."

Kayla Sloan, 10K VA


Kathleen "has never once tried working by the pool" Celmins

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