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What if you only had to think about content once a month

What if you only had to think about content once a month? Introducing You, Amplified

What if you could spend just one hour a month thinking about content?

After that one hour, you had content on your blog and on all of your social media for an entire month… and then social media for a year? 

Let me talk to you about the new service that I’m offering. So it’s actually going to be a partnership between my company and Still Rise Marketing because there are two things that we do really well. One is strategy and the other is execution. 

So here’s how it’s going to look. You and I would come together and we would talk about the four topics that you would want to talk about on video

So we meet. We talk through a bit of strategy. And in fact, we set up your content strategy ahead of time

We learn the keywords you want to rank for. Then we decide exactly what we’re going to talk about.

But we’re not going to do it live. You and I will Zoom together so you can stop and start whenever you need to. Then, because all platforms are optimizing for video, I will download our Zoom call and then cut it up into four videos, each of which are keyword optimized.

We can do light edits, like cutting things together. You’ll then have a keyword-focused video where you speak for 5 to 10 minutes on your topic. 

These videos will help to get you established as a thought leader. 

After editing the video, I will add an intro and outro, including an animated logo and the title of your post. I’ll also trim off the beginnings and the ends, and maybe even cut through the middle with those light edits that make a talking-head video pop. 

This makes doing video the only thing you have to do.

I’ll do those and then I’ll send over the video to Emma’s team and they will keyword optimize a blog post that will be anywhere between 500 and 1,000 words on your site. 

They will optionally add subtitles to your video and format it for the different social media platforms, they will cut a 1-minute piece and upload that natively to Twitter and Instagram, they will upload your post to IGTV, YouTube, Facebook. They can even make it a premiere so it looks like it’s on Facebook Live and again, adding subtitles if you want. 

Then, we’ll send a transcript of the video to an editor, who will make sure all of the grammar is right before giving you a draft of a blog post. 

Once you’ve approved the draft of the blog post, then that goes into a piece of software that I use for my content that will schedule your promotion for a year or six months, depending on how timely the video is. If it’s evergreen, then we’ll pull quotes for a year. 

And then you have, basically, all of the promotion that you need, done in an hour a month. 

Amplified Now visual

You could even opt into turning your videos into an email for your list so that you again don’t have to think about marketing. 

You also don’t have to worry about the tech of creating videos. I’ll give you some advice on what equipment you need because you want to look better and sound better than a cell phone video. 

Then any time you do anything on social, you can just be yourself. 

What I like about this is that you don’t have to worry about promoting anything on social.

I am super excited about this. We have entry-level pricing, which I think already is too low, but we’re going to do it for the first ten clients.

We’re calling this service You, Amplified. 

And again, it’s for people who have heard that they need to do video but are nervous about it because as soon as you go to YouTube, you see like, you know, a video that should just be a simple straightforward video, but it’s like shot from different angles and there are all kinds of tech added to it and it seems like a mountain.

This is taking that mountain and dividing it by a thousand. 

You don’t have to climb a mountain. You just have to get on a call with me and talk through your talking points to look like the expert that we know you are. 

I’m so excited about it. Go to AmplifiedNOW.com to learn a little bit more about it. 

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