You could be booked out by September... - Kathleen Celmins
You could be booked out by September...

You could be booked out by September…

Even if your inbox is empty, your calendar has zero discovery calls booked, and your business bank account is looking sparse, you could be booked out in 90 days.

The time is going to pass anyway, why not experiment?

For the next 90 days, focus on the following 3 things:

  1. Your positioning. What do you call yourself, and where do you fit in the market?
  2. The clarity of what you’re offering. Can someone who has followed you for a day tell someone else what you do for a living?
  3. And consistency. Show up, EVERY single day. Create content. Put it out there. On ALL your channels.

If you fail to focus on these three things in the next 90 days, nothing will change.

Notice what’s missing from that list.

For the next 90 days, stop focusing on:

❌ Creating a new offer

❌ Updating your home page

❌ Rewriting (again?) your email sequence

Even if you’ve NEVER had an inquiry show up out of the blue on your social media profile, by focusing on the top three things, you will.

It happened to me once I implemented this.

You MUST change your relationship with social media.

Do not wait until you have 10,000 followers.

HECK, don’t even wait for 1,000 followers.

No matter how small your social media footprint, you CAN get multiple inquiries for your highest-ticket offer.

It happened for me, and it happened for other people I’ve helped. It can happen for you too.

It’s all about getting your foundation solid.

Market positioning is the first key.

Clarity of your offers is the second.

And, of course, nothing works if you try something once and don’t see an impact right away. NOTHING. Not weight loss, not laundry, and DEFINITELY not business.

Inside my 1:1 coaching, I’ll helping you get CLEAR on these things, and I’ll give you the tools and tactics that will help you show up consistently without having to be on social media all day.

We’ll build momentum. We’ll find you your next $5K or $10K month.

The 90-day coaching framework is set up for the entrepreneur who knows that with JUST A LITTLE strategy, accountability, and guidance, they can soar.

I’ll be there with you for 90 days to brainstorm, strategize, and help you implement so you can build momentum and bring in more high-ticket clients.

You get:

  • 1 Monthly 90 min deep dive strategy call
  • Unlimited support on your platform of choice
  • Offer + content review
  • Access to 130+ templates and swipe files in the Digital Marketing Template Library

If you’re ready to push past your fear and claim consistent $5K+ cash months – this is for you 🔥

The investment?

$1100 a month for 3 months or split it into 6 monthly payments x $550


Apply now.

Case study:

How we earned $100,000 in a year on a digital product

Get the three things that made the most difference when we marketed a digital course and it earned $100,000 in just 12 months.

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