Amplify - Kathleen Celmins

You, Amplified.

Here's how it would work:

You and I will get on a call for an hour or so, we'll record you talking about various topics within your zone of genius, your line in the sand, your spin on your industry, then you could go on your merry way.

Meanwhile, in the background:

  • I'd do some light edits on your video (trim, cut things out of the middle, raise your volume, that kind of thing)
  • I'd create an intro and an outro with your title

Then I'd hand things over to Emma's team, and they'll take the video and:

  • Transcribe it and turn it into a blog post, complete with headers and featured images for Facebook and Pinterest
  • Embed it into that blog post so people can either watch or read
  • Upload it to YouTube
  • Upload it to Facebook
  • Upload it to IGTV
  • Take a one-minute segment and upload that to Twitter
  • Take that same one-minute segment and upload it to Instagram
  • Then, schedule social promotion across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for either six or 12 months

And, you could additionally choose:

  • Subtitles
  • Pulling choice quotes from your video and putting them in an Instagram post (text only)
  • Turning your videos into a first-draft email you can send to your list

This takes care of the whole process: from content ideas to the tech stuff people hate to having your content out in the world without you having to think much about it.

I think this service would be best for people who own their name dot com or people who have been told to "do video" and can't fathom how to add that to their already full plate.

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