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And stop leaving money on the table!



You're an ambitious entrepreneur who is some variation of successful. You've been working online for a few months or years, and you've made money, but you know you could make more.

But you don't know where to focus your energy in order to take your business to the next level.

You know how to work hard, but you're ready to start working smart. You need an outsider's perspective who can help you focus and prioritize. You need someone who is focused on results.

That's where I come in.



I'm a marketing dork who is up-to-date on the latest technology.

But my superpower is speed.

I believe the world moves too fast to wait until you have a "perfect" solution (and frankly, I don't believe a perfect solution exists. But we can get into that another time!).

Everything I do is results-oriented. And I've gotten some pretty amazing results for my clients.

some of the

results I've gotten for my clients

In my work, I've:

  • Made a personal finance podcast profitable
  • Created a quiz that earned $60,000 for a client in less than six months
  • Increased another client's email list by 2.5X and earned them $40,000 on a digital product that didn't exist before they worked with me
  • Wrote a "Black Friday" email sequence that converted 160 email subscribers into paying customers in four days 

what people have said about

working with me

Kathleen made me create my course after I told her I was getting a lot of questions about how to do what I do. We worked together to promote it and get more of my ideas out of my head. I have her to thank for the thousands of people on my email list, not to mention the extra revenue I made!

  • kayla sloan coaching testimonial

    Kayla Sloan, 10K VA

My classes fill up every time I offer them now. I would not have created these without Kathleen's encouragement and I am so thankful for her guidance!

  • amanda holden coaching testimonial

    Amanda Holden, Invested Development

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