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Untap your

inner entrepreneur.

We're at the very beginning of making money on the internet. And there's room for you, too. Stick around and learn how to use what you know (your innate expertise) to position yourself as an expert before you're ready to call yourself one, and learn how to create a marketing engine that will level you up.

I'm glad you're here.

As seen in:

"In fact, we went from about $25K in course sales in 2018 to over $100K in course sales in 2019 because of the funnels Kathleen and I worked on together."

-unprompted email from Kayla Sloan to another business owner

You're a digital entrepreneur with a life-changing product or service.

Sell more without working more.

You want to use the power of your platform to get your offer into the hands of people who need it most.

Let's face it, you need MORE.

More leads. More prospects. Better prospects. More sales.

But you also need LESS.

Less uncertainty. Less stress. Less time away from your family and friends.

But you don't know where to focus your energy in order to take your business to the next level.

And you don't see a way to scale without working yourself to death.

You're not afraid of working hard, but you want to work smart.

And you need an expert who can help you focus and prioritize. Someone who is focused on results.

That's where I come in.

You don't have a product problem, you have a marketing problem.

Hi, I'm Kathleen.

I teach my clients proven marketing strategies that elevate them to thought-leader status in their industries.

And I give them everything they need – email templates, call-to-action templates, ready-made registration and thank-you pages, webinar slide deck templates – to make an immediate impact.

Everything I do is results-oriented. And I've gotten some pretty amazing results for my clients.

Some of the

results I've gotten for my clients

In my work, I:

  • Took a personal finance podcast from barely breaking even to mid-six-figures in revenue in just over two years
  • Created a quiz that earned $60,000 for a client in less than six months
  • Increased another client's email list by 2.5X and earned them $40,000 on a digital product that didn't exist before they worked with me
  • Wrote a "Black Friday" email sequence that converted 160 email subscribers into paying customers in four days

Let's work together.

quick assessment:

one-time strategy session

Looking for an expert's view to help you get back on track?

Book a 45-minute one-time strategy session, and get my thoughts on what's working in your current model and your next steps to help you pick up the money you're leaving on the table.

I'll follow up with you two weeks later to see how you're doing and to help you figure out your next move.

a longer-term relationship:

ongoing 1:1 business + marketing coaching

This is the best option for people who want to work with me solo to make sure they're focusing on the right strategies in their business. You can select a one-time session, or prepay for multiple session options. Book at least six sessions and get access to my template library.

Are you making any of the five most common mistakes in your webinar?

Watch this quick 20-minute mini webinar to find out:

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