How to be more natural on video - Kathleen Celmins

How to be more natural on video

A quick tip on how to be more natural on video.

One of the questions I keep getting because of this new offer, Amplified Now, was “How do I get better at video?” How to be more natural and more engaging, and less intimidating.

And, actually, the answer is easier than it might seem. The one thing that is true for absolutely every piece of marketing is to have someone in mind when you’re speaking to them.

We say that with email: write to one person.

We said that with blog posts: when you’re writing think about the person who you really want to read this and write to them. Use their language, talk in their vernacular.

It’s the same sort of thing with video. But it’s harder with video. Because you’re looking at a camera, or you’re looking at your webcam, or worse, you’re looking at your reflection. So all you can think about are the imperfections that only you can see that aren’t really relevant.

We’ve got that worked out with Amplified NOW because we get on a Zoom call, and I mute myself and I turn off my video, but you’re still talking just to me, you’re telling me the three most important things about whatever topic you’re talking about. Before you start we go over:

  • Video and content strategy
  • Keywords and where to mention them in the video
  • Different ways you can end your video
  • Call-to-action for each video

That is where the people that I talk to who are real experts thrive the most. When they’re able to speak, stand in their expertise and get asked a question off-camera that they can turn into a five-to-eight minute conversation where they’re building their authority.

They’re standing on their stage, even if they’re sitting in their chair like I am.

What they’re doing is they’re making it clear to themselves, that they are the authority and the expert. And when they can convince themselves, they can convince people who are watching and the people that are watching your stuff are interested in what you have to say. The people that watch you all the way through want to know where you’re going with this conversation.

So it’s a fun way to really lean into that communication style that most people are really comfortable with. And I don’t mean most people are comfortable with video because most people aren’t, but most people are comfortable with answering a question. Standing up in their expertise and leaning into the things that they know, and they can really shine.

Those are the kinds of videos that we’re helping people create with Amplified Now. If you want to download the checklist that we put together, you can head over to is how to turn an hour’s worth of work into 52 discrete pieces of content and it’s the exact step by step process that we take for every single video that we create for ourselves and for our clients.

Featured Content Creator

I would just like to end this video with a call to another content creator that I think you should be checking out. Her name is Chonce Maddox. She is an amazing content creator. She writes really, really excellent content. And her website is called

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