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Easy Ways to Get More Done

Theme days and three things: my process for getting more done, even when everyone is home

How do you get more done, even when everybody is home?

For me, trying to stay productive even with kids at home is an everyday occurrence, but for some of you, it has just been lately, and you’re probably ready to kill your kids by now.

While that doesn’t go away, there are three things you can do to be more productive every day, even with your kids’ home. 

The first productivity tool is fancy noise-canceling headphones. Get the best you can possibly afford. I personally like the ones that go in my ear, although I think the ones that are giant would actually send a better message to my family, especially my kids, and show them that I’m working.

When choosing headphones, do your research and get the best you can afford. 

Choose headphones that are better than the iPad or the iPhone white ones. Standard headphones are not the best option, and noise-canceling headphones are really key to boosting your productivity. 

But while noise-canceling headphones will help you get more done while your family is home, that’s not really the main way to be more productive. 

The two main ways I get things done are using theme days and only adding three things on my to-do list. 

Using theme days means every day has a purpose. 

I have one revenue share client. I have several project clients. I have my own stuff, my webinars, and my business. I’m also writing a book.

Nothing gets done unless there’s a theme day

For example, on Mondays, I know what my theme is, and it’s different than Tuesday’s theme. 

Following theme days doesn’t mean that there isn’t any overlap, and it doesn’t mean that I’m a weirdo about scheduling client calls, but the theme days go hand-in-hand with the three to-do list tasks. 

Every day has a to-do list with three items on it, meaning if I get nothing else except these three things done, then this day will be considered a success.

Those three things tie to the theme, so if a theme day is a client day, for example, or maybe a project client day, then I’ve got three things for different projects that I need to get done. 

If I can’t think of three things for a project, then that means I need to be adding sales calls to my list. If I don’t have three things to do each day, then that means I don’t have enough clients for project work. 

Getting involved in Facebook groups and helping people are great ways to get new client calls on my calendar. These tasks are all part of my sales call theme day.

Every morning, I decide which three tasks to do related to my theme. So, during my Morning Pages when I’m writing, I’ll choose which three things need to be done in order to consider my day a success.

If you are someone who is a productivity-aholic, like me, three tasks per day doesn’t sound like that many. However, if you let yourself be just responsive to your schedule and do tasks as they arise, then you’re not in charge anymore. Your inbox is in charge or your project management tools are in charge. 

Theme days make it so I’m only touching each theme once a week. So, if I can’t get Monday’s three things done, then they roll over to the next day, meaning the day that I’ve set aside for my own projects. It just means that my stuff doesn’t get done, so it’s worth thinking about a theme for the day and sticking to finishing the three most important tasks to make progress on that theme. 

If you’re not making progress on a client, use the theme day to make talking to the client the goal. Your goal could be sending an email or update to that client. This will help to focus your stream.

If you have more clients than will fit in one day, give every client a day. 

I saw that on somebody’s web design site and they said once you pay your deposit, once you commit to this project, you get my undivided attention on a certain day of the week. Choose your client’s day when you have your kickoff call. 

Choosing a specific day for each client will also get your work done faster.  You’ll be able to have your clients send their questions or book a call on that day, which will be beneficial for both you and the client. You’ll be most responsive to their questions on a specific day because you’ll already be working on their projects.

If I’m dedicating an entire day per week to a revenue share client and my revenue shares do not start until the campaign is launched, then we get the campaign launched sooner, and we’re bringing in money sooner, which is great for everybody!

Following theme days and limit your tasks to specific, focused things will help you stay productive and save you time in the long run.

So, those are my productivity tips: wearing noise-canceling headphones, following theme days every week, and putting no more than three things on a to-do list.

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