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Paulette Perhach

Where is Paulette Perhach leaving money on the table?

Paulette Perhach is a wonderful writer, one of the best I know in real life. She has two websites, PaulettePerhach.com and WelcomeToTheWritersLife.com. Welcome to the Writer’s Life is actually a book she wrote in the last year. I bought it and love it!

Watch the video below where I discuss the ways I feel Paulette is leaving money on the table:

Let’s talk about Paulette’s website

Paulette Perhach

Paulette makes all of her money writing at this point.

One of her goals is to build up her passive income. On her form, she told me that her goal to support herself with passive income by 2022.

She said that her “Writer’s Welcome Kit” is her best selling product. It’s sold through Hugo House who is the publisher of her book. If that is her current highest selling product, it definitely needs to be more prominent.The Writer's Welcome Kit

I really like the page, but it could be fleshed out more. The button takes you to an outside page where you can buy it, but Paulette could do more with the sales page on her site. Also, keep the menu and navigation.

Paulette’s biggest article so far is one about how women should have a fuck off fund to protect them when things go sideways. (Sidenote: if you haven’t read that article, you need to. Here’s the link: A story of a fuck off fund.)

Now that you’re back, if you look at Paulette’s home page, the FIRST LINK in her menu is a link to a different blog. Which is fine, except… it doesn’t help you figure anything out about Paulette, and if you find yourself at PaulettePerhach.com, you want to find out about Paulette!

ALSO, it’s worth noting that even when you go to fuckofffund.com, you can’t find the article that started it all, even if you scroll.

The Fuck Off Fund

I LOVE that article, and I think it needs to be a big part of Paulette’s site, but instead of linking to an entirely separate domain, write a page about the article, then link to it for the 43 people who haven’t yet read it to click and read.

Add a pop-up to your homepage advertising the “Writer’s Welcome Kit” to make more sales. And change the wording on the subscription box on the footer. Instead of “Keep Up With Paulette’s Work” talk about how to buy the Welcome Kit.

Paulette makes some of her money from coaching. She told me that she’s bought a course about writing sales pages and will be doing an entire page for each coaching option.

People may not know that Paulette has a viral blog post that has been read by millions of people. I’d add something to the home page such as “You may know me from my post A Story of a Fuck Off Fund” right on the home page.

Welcome to The Writer’s Life

Welcome to the Writer's Life

I love this website! It’s got a very visible buy button and she’s got amazing resources for readers of the book. There is a comprehensive page of the books mentioned in Welcome to The Writer’s Life, and a great list of contributors.

I’d add a pop-up or button for the “Writer’s Welcome Kit.” It’s a great way to make a little extra but upselling people on the course that goes with the book.

Paulette could also consider creating a webinar to tell people what is inside “Writer’s Welcome Kit” and increase sign-ups to her email list.

Where Paulette Could Make More Money

Paulette is focusing on making more passive income and the best way for her to do that will be to focus on making it easy to buy her products.

  • Put a pop-up or button on both sites that point to the “Writer’s Welcome Kit,” her best selling product.
  • Spend some time writing better sales page copy and fleshing out her sales page a bit more.
  • Rearrange her menu so that she is not sending people away from her site.

Once Paulette does these three things, she should start seeing an increase in her passive income.

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