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Pictures from Statement

I took pictures at Statement. I was one of several people snapping pics, and I don’t feel like I took enough, but here are some of my favorites:

Learning from other solo entrepreneurs

This business mastermind retreat was one of the most powerful “conferences” I have ever attended. I use quotes around the word because although Statement is a conference, with a website and everything, it’s a conference in a format I’ve never experienced before. There were no speakers. No sessions. No expo hall. Instead, Stefanie and Emma …

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A really interesting exercise

This retreat has been really wonderful. I was teasing Amanda, because she said this was a vacation. “You think this is a vacation? I haven’t worked this hard in three weeks!” We’re both right, though, aren’t we? There’s no time for client work — at all — so how can this not be a vacation …

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On being grateful for what I have

I’m calling this the season of transition, and transitions are stressful. We were misinformed about just how long it would take for our things to travel from Portland to Phoenix, and since we thought we’d have them by now, we packed and planned poorly. We’re staying with Brent’s parents, and we are not good house guests. …

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Going out for ice cream

It was too cold inside the ice cream shop to effectively enjoy ice cream, so I ordered mine, then skipped out on the bill and went outside. There were two tables and one bench. The tables were sticky with other people’s ice creams, so I sat down on the bench. Brent was a few minutes …

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