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Introducing the leveraged expert

What does it mean to be a leveraged expert? And why is that important now? In my work, I have found the smartest, most capable group of people I’ve ever encountered. The people that I work with are changing lives. They’re changing people’s ideas of what life could look like. They’re challenging norms, and they’re…

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The intersection of hobby and business

I’ve written before about the damaging BS around the phrase “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” and I still think it’s harmful. But I was thinking of it in a different context based on how I spent part of my weekend. See, I love taking pictures. I inherited that…

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Imposter syndrome and the creators of Game of Thrones

Remember, imposter syndrome is that mean voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough. That you shouldn’t be here. That the only things you can talk about are things everyone already knows. That even if you have a good idea for something, you’re not the best person to execute on that idea.…

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Have you ever considered that you might be a thought leader?

Hear me out, because this is important. I’ve posted my notes about The Thought Leaders Practice so I won’t go into all of that here, but I want to get into something I think you should know. You’re a thought leader. Sit with that a second, and close your eyes. What do you see? Do you…

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A couple words on imposter syndrome

Recently, I went to Austin for a writing retreat. The reason I went I can’t really explain, other than to say I felt compelled to go. I’d just gotten to know the organizer, Terri Trespicio, through email after meeting her at Statement Event in New York City in May. She sent an email to her list…

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